Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Learning Commons@PTAR

Projek terkini di bawah uepmo - agenda VC dimana salah satu projek yang PTAR rancang adalah mengenai "Library Learning Commons"


Learning commons adalah satu keperluan dimasa kini bagi memenuhi keperluan pelanggan yang kini merupakan golongan Digital Natives/Net Generation.


  • Transform the "library" into a "learning commons." Libraries are crucial in this age of abundant information, but only if they provide relevant support for those actively navigating the digital environment:
  • The LC is a one-stop study-shop that combines research, IT and learning support services under one roof to enhance the student experience


  • "Highly collaborative & integrated learning environment"
  • Learning Commons is a library technology center with collaborative spaces and interactive resources.
  • "The Learning Commons is designed with students in mind, and the space is structured as a student would lay out a study area, with pertinent resources close at hand


  • The area will support students' academic success by integrating information, computing and tutoring services to provide students with the resources required for group and individual educational projects and activities.


  • "The Learning Commons will be a bright and inviting place, full of computers and people to help with all levels of research.


  • In the Learning Commons, students will find electronic and print information resources, along with reference librarians to provide research consultation and assistance.


  • Computer workstations will offer an array of software applications and multimedia devices for the production of projects, papers, presentations, or other coursework and assignments.


  • Technical assistance will also be available for computing questions or problems.